Saturday, November 14, 2020

Pandemic Paganism?

By now, we all know that "covid-19" is not a true pandemic [1]. In fact, at this time, it's unclear whether a virus even exists [2]. And given the absurd manner in which they are testing, there is no way that the so-called pandemic will ever go away

Beyond that, however, something about the word "pandemic" bothers me.

"Pan" is Greek for "all," and "demic" (from demos) means people, as in an incident that threatens all people.

Did you know that the Greek "pan" was once believed to derive from a polytheistic deity named Pan?

Pan (/pæn/ in Ancient Greek: Πάν) was a bestial deity of nature and the wild. It was also the god of herdsmen and hunters. In Neopaganism, Pan has been identified as Satan.

In the classical age the Greeks associated Pan's name with the word pan meaning "all."

The word "panic" derives thereof, since this deity's presence was believed to arouse sudden, uncontrollable fear that led people into irrational behavior.

There is something deeply disturbing about the word, pandemic.

It invokes "pandemonium" (a wild uproar as if "all" demons were let loose). And isn't it strange how "demic" (from "demos" in Greek, which means people) is oddly similar to "demon?" It's almost as if the concept of a pandemic brings something demonic out of people...

Could it be that this "pandemic" is a perverse idea concocted by self-proclaimed Pans' in attempt to create "panic" and "pandemonium" as a means of subjugating "all" humankind to become their compliant "herd"? Is 'pandemic' a tool used by self-styled 'hunter deities' to ensnare their prey?

Panic, pandemic, pandemonium... all three reek of paganism.

In the Torah, there is One G-d, and there is never a reason for fear or panic. We are to be subservient only to G-d, and NOT to any human overlord.

Let's reject the term "pandemic," its dubious origin, and its illegitimate use in modern times.

G-d is One, and there is none other.

PS: I originally posted this to Facebook as a general observation.  After a few days, Facebook blocked it and claimed that it violated "community standards." Welcome to "covid-era" censorship. Of course, since covid is a cult, it is deemed heretical to question it. Consequently, I am obliged to share it here. [3]


[1] By Judaic standards. See my previous posts:

A Pandemic Based on Falsehood

Is your rabbi mistaken about Covid-19?

[2] The current corona virus has never been purified and isolated, nor does it satisfy Koch Postulates. Even if there is ample evidence that a SARS CoV 2 virus exists, there is no evidence that it causes the covid disease. Most importantly, current PCR testing -- at absurdly high cycle thresholds -- is subject to nearly 100% chance of false positives. It is in no way diagnostic. 

[3] See image:

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Yael Tusk said...

Unbelievable! In the first paragraph, you have put into words what I've been trying to work out for months!