Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Lessons from Covid

Lessons from the covid scandal of 2020:

1. Don't fear anything or anyone but G-d.

2. Government is NOT your friend.

3. Don't let ANYONE dictate to you what's "essential" and what isn't.

4. Don't let ANYONE force a mask on your face or your child's face.

5. Don't trust medical establishment when it walks in lockstep with government.

6. Don't blindly trust so-called experts.

7. Avoid groupthink at all costs.

8. Take ownership of your own health. Strengthen your immune system with natural preventions.

9. End your dependency on dubious pharmaceutical products. Say NO to their vaccine (and other drugs).

10. Take back your schools from feckless administrators who cannot stand up for your child.

11. Take back your public schools and institutions who indoctrinate your children.

12. Take back your houses of worship from clergy who lack moral fortitude to stand up for religious freedom.

13. Take back your towns and states from politicians whose loyalties lie to pharma donors, not to the people.

14. Turn off the news and wean yourself from mainstream media that is owned by corporate robber barons.

15. Join a strong, close-knit faith community.

16. Give your children absolute moral values and reject contemporary "moral relativism."

17. Eschew government dependency.

18. Don't ever abandon your elders to isolation and loneliness.

19. No "covid rosh" for ANYONE but G-d.

20. Faith is stronger than fear.

21. Don't fear your fellow human. Reach out.

22. No "social-distancing." Instead, social closeness.

23. "Love all creatures and bring them CLOSE to G-d's teachings."

24. Bring peace and closeness between people.

25. Human faces are not dirty. Government overreach is.

26. Human breath is not toxic. Tyranny is.

27. Faith is stronger than fear.

28. Life and death is in the hands of G-d.

29. It's time to CORONAte King Moshiach.

30. It's time to exponentially increase in random acts of goodness and kindness.

31. This effort needs to go VIRAL.

32. Become a SPREADER of light, viral goodness and kindess.

33. Become a SUPER SPREADER of love, compassion, truth, and faith.

34. Inspire others with INFECTIOUS joy and faith.

35. Gloom, doom, and submission to tyranny, are SYMPTOMS of exile.

36. Gain IMMUNITY to this illness by SPREADING light.

37. Become a TRANSITTER of truth and inspire others to do the same.

38. Don't worry if you don't know how to communicate it. Just a kind word to your fellow suffices. Your smile is CONTAGIOUS.

39. Even if your fellow doesn't show it, he will be impacted by your act of kindness. And he will now assist in the TRANSMISSION of kindness and truth as well, even is he's still ASYMPTOMATC.

40. Actually, there's no such thing as ASYMPTOMATIC. He's really just PRE-SYMPTOMATIC. Inevitably, he too will begin to experience symptoms of joy and kindness.

41. It's time for a GREAT RESET. Exile transformed to Redemption. Ready, set, GO!

42. Time to commence a NEW WORLD ORDER of freedom from tyranny, peace, truth, mutual respect, and the revelation of G-dliness.

43. Take off the MASK of exile and celebrate the CORONAtion of Moshiach NOW.

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chaimyv said...

Perhaps it would be good to make a new website, in which you have FAQs, to explain step by step, first of all why although we are educated to listen to Rabbonim and Rofe Yedid etc, this case is different,[you have pretty much discussed it, but its hard to find each piece fast, one must go through many timed posts.