Thursday, April 29, 2021

Dear Doctor...

April 29, 2021

Dear Dr. ____,

Thank you for recent correspondence in which you eagerly invited me to receive the COVID-19 Dose 1 vaccine at your clinic.

You wrote: “COVID-19 vaccination is safe, effective, and is our path to controlling the pandemic.”

Kindly provide documentation (that I may share with my lawyer) certifying that you take full fiscal responsibility for any injury resulting from your “safe” vaccination.

If you cannot take any actual responsibility for its safety, I’ll disregard your invitation and will caution my entire community to do the same.

Moreover, I will advise them that you are parroting specious rhetoric that this injection is “safe and effective” but are unwilling to back up your claims. We’ll all realize that by refusing to accept liability for a product which YOU are actively promoting, you’re effectively conceding that it is neither “safe” nor “effective.”

Lastly, your enthusiasm to expose me to a product that you cannot even vouch for will indicate that you do not truly care about my health as your individual patient, but rather that your loyalties lie with state policies and your own profit margin that’s apparently dependent on the number of “covid-vaccine” doses you administer.

Your lack of response to this letter will expose you as a politically-motivated businessman who marches in lockstep with government, and who cares little about the individual health of his patients, rather than the kind and caring family doctor you always purported to be.

Thank you in advance for making this so painfully evident.

While I wish you success in your endeavors and personal life, I can no longer subject myself or my family to the risk of having you as their doctor. In fact, I wouldn’t even want you as an auto mechanic. (Have you considered a new career as a used-car salesman?)

Anyway, thank you again for your kind correspondence.

Have a wonderful day. And please stay safe out there from all the upcoming malpractice lawsuits and impending Nuremberg Trial indictments.


Rabbi Michoel Green

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Brilliant ! I will definitely. Save this one !
Thank-You ! said...

Brilliant ! said...

Brilliant said...

Brilliant ! I will definitely. Save this one !
Thank-You ! said...

So Brilliant !!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Vernon Coleman wrote a book entitled "Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe And Effective Is Lying". This little book ought to be required reading for doctors and patients alike.

Words are ciphers. They transfer effects upon the mind of the recipient. When words are deliberately iterated and reiterated in specific ways, they reorganize our neural loops into prefabricated systems, and thus modulate our beliefs and behaviors. This explains why ancient cultures with deep awareness of divine, whether Judaic, Indian, or Chinese, treated words with especial reverence. And with reverence comes the recognition and acceptance of personal responsibility.

Lying is an abnegation of both reverence and responsibility. And with reverence and responsibility, freedom will inevitably perish.

As Dr. Coleman emphasizes, the burden of truth for safety and efficacy of vaccines ought not to lie with those members of the public, or dissenting doctors who ask questions. It ought to lie, fair and square, with the producers of such vaccines, and with the regulatory departments created to oversee due process. This has not occurred. In its place, arbitrary reassurances and promises are being iterated, and reiterated. The public succumbs, not to scientific logic, but to the mental massage of untruths, half truths, and doublespeak.

"Fiat" is the utterance of an arbitrary decree by unquestionable authority. It is the assumption of godlike powers on the part of persons in positions of authority.
"Fiat" fits perfectly with the current cancel culture, and with censorship as the mainframe of society.

"Fiat", the issuance of arbitrary decrees, leads on invariably to "Diktat". "Diktat" is the imposition of harsh rules upon captive, subjugated populations.

The combination of "Fiat" and "Diktat" are what compromise totalitarian systems. History has proven this to be the case. Everyone should be able to see clearly how "Diktat" ushers in dictatorship.

As the German poet Heinrich Heine warned so many years ago, "Wherever they burn books, they will end by burning human beings".


Larry Lennhoff said...

Please tell me this letter is a parody or what you wish you could have written and that you did not address a human being made in the image of Hashem in such terms. You were one of the kindest, sweetest men I knew, strong in opposition to ideas you opposed, but always aware of the people holding those postions. Is that person entirely gone?

S. said...

Thank you for showing how a prudent, responsible person should act! Brilliant!

Andrew Chaplowitz said...

A rabbi who def has a pair!
He's right
No double blinds
Banned in 22 countries

Andrew Chaplowitz said...

Rabbi is spot on
Vaccine makers have full immunity
Injury money goes into a fund
You have a 2.5% chance of getting paid

Lhangs said...

Awesome, awesome Rabbi!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rev. Meredith Ann Murray said...

Bravo, Rabbi! It is my prayer that more and more spiritual leaders will speak out, as you have, regarding the crimes against humanity that are going on. I am an interfaith minister (since 2004) and I am on the same page as you are. Blessings! Rev. Meredith Murray, Ajijic, Mexico

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this letter! Brilliantly said. And 100% accurate.

Kimberly McConchie said...

Brilliant. Just brilliant.
I'm guessing the response was some rhetoric, useless waste of energy stating your doctor was "only following best medical governance and advice"...
Similar song to what so many are singing here in Melbourne, Australia.
An inspiring read, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you, Rabbi! I wish more religious leaders were awake.

As someone entioned, Vernon Coleman's books, I also have many of them and he is one of the few who has critical thinking skills fully functional these days.

Now would indeed be a *very good time* for Moshiach to show up.

Unknown said...

Brilliantly written, to the point, and humorous too! Cudos to you and all your community. I am also skipping out on being a guinea pig!

ROBERTA said...


Unknown said...

Respect ,very well stated

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!!! And I so agree with all the comments posted above.

I'll send your letter to the people who are still willing to read emails from me.

Another wonderful person, who is also standing up for our humanity, is David Sorensen. He has created

If you're not already signed up to his site, you'll find a wealth of brilliant videos and materials to share.

Teresa said...

Thank you Rabbi ...Yr letter is well said.
I understand that pharmacists, Drs, Medical staff make a lot of money for vaccine they give. to them we're all dollar signs, not humans beings.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Drs, nurses, medical staff & pharmacists make a LOT of money for every vaccine, they give you. They have no idea what is in the medicine/ what kind of medicine they give you in each one of those vaccines. they do not care! They view each one of us as dollar signs.. And most all the medical staff & Drs have not even got the vaccine themselves. Because it wasn't given enough time after it was made. Nor was it tested on anyone. We the people are supposedly their test subjects... If president Biden makes this vaccine mandatory, we the people are in deep doo doo.
Thank you Rabbi for yr has renewed my sense of faith, as sometimes I think Im the only one who is losing it....Glad to see there are others like me out there

ejckittylove said...

Dearest Rabbi Green,

WOWZA! You’ve put so very succinctly how I feel in the deepest recesses of my gut! I’ve got incredible respect and admiration for your integrity and compassion for all of humankind.

I’m already starting to see the social pressures of not getting vaccinated ~ the inability to participate in certain social situations that I used to immensely enjoy volunteering at, for one. As a retired/disABLED registered nurse who paid attention to my education and absolutely adored microbiology, I find the media’s messages rather disappointing insofar as what people are being led to believe.

I commend you on this letter! THANK YOU FOR SHARING💗!

(I, for one, choose NOT to “drink the coolaid”!)

Dick Atlee said...

Andrew Chaplowitz said on May 6, 6:25PM that "Vaccine makers have full immunity. Injury money goes into a fund. You have a 2.5% chance of getting paid."

This is not correct. Normal vaccine injury is handle by the "Vaccine Court, in which the injured party sues the Secretary of HHS, who is defended by DOJ lawyers. Any damage awards come out of a fund fed by a small tax on each dose of vaccine sold.

Emergency authority vaccine injury is handled by a very different structure — the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP:, which is a separate program not funded by "injury money," although my questions to them about where the money comes from were unanswered. However, a lot of other questions were answered, and they have a very strict time window for making claims, no lawyer help is permitted, there is no appeal of decisions, and in the decade-plus it has been in existence, less than 10% of claims have been compensated. And, as with the Vaccine Court, no legal "discovery" is possible to find out what really happened in the case. Essentially, you're on your own.

Unknown said...

Thank you for a beautiful explanation of what is happening. People listen to their drs even while he/she doesn't know what the ingredients are. And the doctors are under control and that hurts many. You bring clarity to the biggest lies we receive every day. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I also am a retired nurse and agree totally. I also am starting to get the backlash from family who are now blaming me that " we can't get together because you won't take the vaccine ". I tell them this is my choice and to do what they will. I refuse to be intimidated by others.
I also believe that a cure for cancer is within our grasp but too many would lose money. Cancer is a big money maker for many. Think about all the ways that it is.
So glad I found this site. So glad I am not alone in my beliefs.

Andrew Chaplowitz said...

The part where they wouldn't tell you where the money comes from got my attention.
I'm trying to figure out any other product I buy where I have to sue theu 3rd parties.
The vaccine makers went to Congress during the Reagan administration and got this passed because the know of the inherent dangers
Thank you for your repsonse

Unknown said...

Thank you for this letter! Having researched the subject of vaccs through over 2 dozen books i am glad to see you've done your homework too!

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's say I believe you: and I do. Not only do the people here not set policy, we do not currently have any mechanism through which we even get a say on it. And while the vaccine issue is important & I believe a priority, we need some mechanism to stop similar ones BEFORE they get to do their harms. Yes?
Since we don't already HAVE such a mechanism, then one needs to be created. Hmm, who is going to create a mechanism for the public to have a say on policy? The corporations? Their commissioned sales staff/rubber stamp assembly line workers in government?
Like it or not, if we the people want to block these things BEFORE they harm us, we're going to have to create this ourselves and figure out ways to get mass support behind doing so. I'm looking for people willing to get the ball rolling.
Anyone here care to discuss?

C Ann said...

Not only did our government give big Pharma full “pardon” from ANY repercussions from THEIR vaccines..... but any money paid out of vaccine injury court is TAX PAYERS MONEY!!
Big pharma has NO reason to create and properly test their vaccines.... no accountability! It’s just a major $$$ maker! Big pharma is a BILLION dollar industry with the govt and doctors on their payroll! 😡

Anonymous said...

Oops, it was only a mistake, sorry.

Really worth seeing and forwarding.

Anonymous said...

kevin said...

shalom rabbi, i am not jewish, but have always beleived in G-d , i was born into a catholic family, but never felt easy or comfortable with that church, i have always had a personal relationship with G-d, have studied many religeons, i have always thought my relationship with G-d is one between myself and the creator. i live in england and dont no weather you can help me. i have studied your faith and hope i havent spelt anything wrong, would be very grateful if you could help me. yours respectfuly kevin .