Friday, April 2, 2021

Freedom First

Should we sacrifice freedom for the sake of supposedly safeguarding health of the community? 

Are we to heed the guidelines of so-called public health policy that claims that we may only "return to normal" once the alleged pandemic is under control and "safety" is achieved?

Which value comes first? Freedom or public health?

Judaism prioritizes the former over the latter. Freedom before health.

In the liturgy of the Shmona Esrei prayer [1] recited by Jews worldwide three times daily, the middle thirteen blessings are requests that encompass all basic human needs. 

The seventh blessing is Redemption:

"Behold our affliction/submission, redeem us speedily..."Blessed are You, G-d, Redeemer of Israel."

The following blessing is Healing:

"Heal us, O G-d, and we will be healed... Grant complete cure and healing to all our wounds... Blessed are You, G-d, who heals the sick of His people Israel."

The blessing after that is Bounty:

"Bless upon us, Lord our G-d, this year and all the varieties of its produce for good...Satisfy us from Your bounty... Blessed are You, G-d, who blesses the years."

This sequence is rather telling.

Our Sages prioritized freedom above all else.

Redemption is paramount.

Health is second. And economic bounty is third.

The significant lessons here for current times are obvious and unambiguous.

1. We may NOT compromise our precious liberties for the sake of alleged health concerns. We MUST be free. If our freedoms have been violated, we must demand Redemption. In the contemporary scenario, we must STOP cooperating with tyranny at ONCE and reassert our sacrosanct rights, irrespective of their warnings about how our freedoms might statistically impact anyone's health.

2. Freedom transcends both health and financial concerns. Do NOT surrender your rights for ANY reason, whether health-related or economic factors. Do not yield your essential human liberties (like the right to breath without obstruction, for example) in order to board a plane, attend a concert, or even to keep your job! Remember: freedom is blessing #7 while economics is only #9!

3. Do NOT submit to coercion of ANY kind, even if it's allegedly good for your health. Suppose an injection is being touted as a prudent preventative measure against disease, and you have thoroughly researched and compared risk to benefit, and reached the conclusion that this injection is genuinely good for your health. Under normal circumstances, you'd be entitled to take this injection. However, IF this shot is being aggressively pushed onto the population by an over-eager government with undue pressure, you may NOT take this product. For by taking it, you are yielding your right to informed consent, and are becoming complicit in a policy of medical apartheid. And of course, Freedom trumps health.

4. Health transcends economic needs. Do NOT submit to an experimental injection that has serious side effects that include death, lifelong injury, and infertility, just in order to keep your job. Health is more important than your economic wellbeing. Healing is blessing #8 while Bounty is only #9.

So let's remember to prioritize freedom above health and wealth.

G-d wants you to be free. Choose faith and freedom over fear.

Say no to tyranny.

Say no to medical apartheid.

Say no to experimental injections and vaccine mandates.


[1] Composed by the Anshei K'neset Hagedolah (Men of the Great Assembly), circa 350 BCE. "Shmona Esrei" literally means eighteen, as it was originally 18 blessings. This prayer is also known as the "Amidah," since it is recited standing.

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