Thursday, April 8, 2021

Holocaust Day 2021!?

The 'train tracks' of Covid policy only
lead to one familiar destination

There's no need to observe Holocaust Memorial Day this year.

There's really no point.

The entire year has been Holocaust Days, and the real Holocaust Days are yet to come.

Indeed, we're living in a contemporary Holocaust of sorts, a new genocide (or perhaps more accurately a "humanicide")  in the making that has the potential to eclipse the previous one.

And just like last time, the modern-day mass-murder campaign is also a Holocaust of 'Public Health.' [1]

Why bother remembering the old one if the new one is staring you in the face and you are utterly oblivious and complacent? Why light candles and chant empty slogans like "Never Again" while you are obsequiously ready to board the proverbial cattle car?

Truth be told, I've never been a fan of "Holocaust Day" for ideological reasons too numerous to list here. Below are a few previous pre-covid posts I've written on the subject. [2]

In current times, however, the irony of "Holocaust Day" observance by Jewish communities who are fully complicit in modern society's dark crimes against humanity is truly mindboggling and unthinkable.

Please don't offer lip-service to honor the memories of six million victims while six million Jews are being forced to be human experiments of a potentially-lethal injection, in the Holy Land, of all places!

Don't shed fake tears over 1.5 million children while you prepare to inject your own children with an experimental injection that lists death and lifelong injury as its side effects.

Please stop pontificating about tolerance while you turn a blind eye to the horrific marginalization of millions of individuals who simply yearn to breathe free and decline experimental gene-therapy injections.

Don't exploit the memory of holy martyrs while you condone unprecedented medical tyranny and apartheid, lockdowns, police state policies in which persecuted minorities are ordered once more: "Show me your papers" in order to simply walk in the street or shop for food.

Stop your self-righteous preaching and just listen to the silence.

Can't you hear it?

The voices of six million kedoshim are screaming at you, begging you to heed their urgent pleas...

"Beware!" they sob. "Stop cooperating with evil! You are all in grave danger! Protect your children, your vulnerable ones, yourselves. Stand up NOW and assert your freedom, your pinteleh yid. Stand up for the truth NOW and do NOT cooperate with totalitarian tyranny."

Enough of your petty Yom Hashoah observances this year. It's time to address the real Shoah lurking in your midst.

Do it to honor the 6 million holy martyrs whose lives were sacrificed to sanctify G-d's holy name, and who serve as an everlasting reminder to NOT put your trust in man, but only in G-d.

I'll conclude with words I ominously wrote several years back:

What do they mean when they say "Never Again?" Are they serious?

It's more like: "Oh no. Not Again!" לא תקום פעמיים צרה.

What do we hope to accomplish by just passively remembering the horrors of the past, yet we stand by idly and obliviously to the unfolding horrors of the present?

At the very least, let's change the slogan to "No more" or "Let's actually stop it now before it's too late."

May Hashem protect us and grant us the clarity to stand up and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

May we merit immediate Redemption.





Anonymous said...

Dear Rabbi Green,

I watched your recent interview with Dr. R. Laibow. All I can say is that you come across loud and clear as a voice of reason, perspicacity, generosity, urgency, insight, common sense and talmudic wisdom, rolled into one. Plus, you have a charming smile. So, thank you on behalf of everyone, including those silent voices too dim to make themselves heard.

If you would be open to it, I would like to connect with you on this further. I would certainly appreciate your kind offer to compose a religious exemption letter regarding mandatory inoculation.

I also wanted to ask you about another issue. Although I myself am not Jewish, (1/2 half, but wrong half) my late father studied at two yeshivas in his youth, and was quite the biblical scholar who read ancient Aramaic as well as Hebrew. He left behind his multiple volumes of the Talmud, dating from the first decade of the 20th century. These tomes are currently in England. I was wondering whether you would have any use for them to assist you with your teaching in your community.

As a student of literature and sometime writer, I am well versed in the literature of, (and surrounding) the holocaust, having been exposed, thankfully, to people such as Primo Levi et. al. as well as their great precursors such as Kafka, not to mention writing from other historical atrocities such as Solzhenitsyn's exposure of the gulags.

That is just to say that your warnings are more than appropriate, but will inevitably fall on the deaf ears of whosoever has ignored both explicit historical accounts, and subjective literary versions.

I would suggest that thinking for oneself is now both a civic duty and a moral obligation, particularly at these times of increasing peril. No doubt you would have plenty to add from a Talmudic perspective. I would love to hear more from that perspective. Surely, we have never been in more dire need of a new "Guide for the Perplexed".

I also agree with your other recent blog post regarding disease vector, unproven transmission dangers, and the perennial curative powers of basic healthy factors such as diet, sunlight etc. This preposterous illusion of viral domination is only maintained by a contrarian disregard for simple natural truths, and in so doing, it appears to me to implicitly attack what is sacred in all of the world's great spiritual traditions honoring a Creator, traditions that value life as is, not as re-engineered by shady madmen in strange white coats fiddling around in giant laboratories synced up with even more gargantuan servers and surveillance systems.


Dr. C

Rabbi Michoel Green said...

Dear Dr. C, thank you for reaching out. Please send me your email address via this form and I'll gladly respond.

I'd rather not post my email address here publicly for obvious reasons. As you can imagine, I get enough hate mail already.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rabbi Green, when I read you I feel less alone. You are the voice of reason and the light inside the tunnel. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and hopes. I am angry at our community, especially as History repeats itself I did not see it coming from among us (as an exemple to the world!). I am very sad as it affects every aspects of our lives. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and feel it had been a bad dream, but instead it's groundhog day. I have come to the conclusion that reasoning no longer does any good as people clearly have lost the ability to use their brain. For long I was waiting for someone to clearly states the Emperor is naked but no one did. I tried and I said it with proofs, reasoning and science. To no avail. But who am I?

Anonymous said...

isn't comparing anything the the holocaust off limits?

Rabbi Michoel Green said...

If it involves worldwide democide, forced medical experimentation, widespread censorship and mass media indoctrination and incitement to hate, marginalization and deportation of a persecuted minority, etc, then no, Holocaust comparisons are NOT off-limits, but very apropos.

Peter said...

Very well said.

Peter said...


I noticed recently that your Facebook page which I followed is no longer visible.

Was it permanently deleted by Facebook?

Rabbi Michoel Green said...

Thank you for commenting, Peter. Yes, unfortunately, Fakebook permanently deleted my account. Censorship is sadly the order of the day.

BT said...

To achieve their purposes, all death camps used subterfuge and misdirection to conceal the truth and trick their victims into cooperating. This element had been developed in Aktion T4, when disabled and handicapped people were taken away for “special treatment” by the SS from “Gekrat” wearing white laboratory coats, thus giving the process an air of medical authenticity. After supposedly being assessed, the unsuspecting T4 patients were transported to killing centres. The same euphemism “special treatment” (Sonderbehandlung) was used in the Holocaust.[40]The SS used a variety of ruses to move thousands of new arrivals travelling in Holocaust trains to the disguised killing sites without panic. Mass deportations were called “resettlement actions”; they were organised by special Commissioners and conducted by uniformed police battalions from Orpo and Schupo in an atmosphere of terror.[41][42] Usually, the deception was absolute; in August 1942, people of the Warsaw Ghetto lined up for several days to be “deported” to obtain bread allocated for travel.[43] Jews unable to move or attempting to flee were shot on the spot.[44] Even though death in the cattle cars from suffocation and thirst was rampant, affecting up to 20 percent of trainloads, most victims were willing to believe that the German intentions were different.[45] Once alighted, the prisoners were ordered to leave their luggage behind and march directly to the “cleaning area” where they were asked to hand over their valuables for “safekeeping”. Common tricks included the presence of a railway station with awaiting “medical personnel” and signs directing people to disinfection facilities. Treblinka also had a booking office with boards naming the connections for other camps further east.[46] (Wikipedia)[77]The Nazis disguised their “Final Solution” as the mass “resettlement to the east”. The victims were told they were being taken to labour camps in Reichskommissariat Ukraine. In reality, from 1942 on, for most Jews, deportations meant only death at either Bełżec, Chełmno, Sobibór, Majdanek, Treblinka, or Auschwitz-Birkenau.

BT said...

Iloveyourachel said...

I hope you are doing well! I haven’t been on Facebook much at all this year. The state of the world we are living in is so depressing and horrific, and the amount of people I have in my personal life championing this draconian nightmare we are in, just makes me feel like I’m in some alternate universe.

I lost my grandfather. He was my favorite person and my best friend. Bc of this nightmare pandemic, a man SO LOVED died completely alone with no visitors (we couldn’t come), and he didn’t even know why.

Anyway our single synagogue has been closed of course for over a year with no timeline to open in sight. I received an email this week that they are opening only to those fully vaccinated (and you will still need to be masked and call to schedule ahead of time).

So basically I have no religious community anymore, and haven’t for a long time. I popped on to Facebook to see what you have been posting and was so sad to see you are gone. I am happy I “found you”.

Please keep fighting this fight. We need to push back in any way we can, and continue to be vocal. I am heartbroken how they are fighting so hard to have you deplatformed. As for me I just don’t know what to do. I worry every day for my kids and the future.