Sunday, May 9, 2021

Letter to Trader Joe's

May 7, 2021

Dear Trader Joe's Corporate Office,

I am a long-time customer of Trader Joe's stores for many years. At present, I usually shop at your store In Shrewsbury, MA, but have shopped at many others nationwide, and even remember one of your very first stores in Sherman Oaks, CA in the 1970s. I am a pretty decent customer, spending hundreds of dollars in groceries each week. In addition, some of your employees are close personal friends of mine.

This past week, I was shocked to hear allegations that an employee of one of your stores in Washington State was fired because he declined the experimental covid injection.

Please confirm whether this story is accurate, and whether this move met with the approval of your corporate office.

This is extremely important information for me to know. You see, if Trader Joe's corporate policy allows branch managers to pressure employees into submitting to any medical procedure without informed consent, let alone an experimental one, I will no longer feel comfortable to patronize any Trader Joe's stores anywhere.

As much as I may have enjoyed the Trader Joe's shopping experience in the past, the Nuremburg Code is FAR more important to me. Bodily autonomy is sacrosanct, an essential human right. Every human being is entitled to decline any vaccine. Furthermore, the First Amendment protects our cherished religious freedoms. Terminating an employee due to his or her deeply-held personal convictions – for any moral, ethical, or philosophical reason – is a grave violation of the Constitution. Even if corrupt state officials overlook it, such a policy is inherently unjust and morally detestable.

It is simply unconscionable for me shop at a store whose corporate policy endorses medical tyranny and apartheid.

Moreover, if this is indeed the case, I will publicize this letter widely and ask everyone I know to demand an explanation. We cannot tolerate such blatant discrimination and egregious violation of individual rights.

Sadly, I will have no choice but to ask others to join me in calling for a nationwide boycott of your chain.

This is no small matter, but one of grave concern that we cannot afford to ignore. The very fate of our nation hangs in the balance.

While I have been delighted in recent years to see Trader Joe's growing list of kosher products, I must sadly inform you that such a policy is inherently unkosher. I cannot possibly shop with good conscience at such a morally-compromised establishment that has such utter disregard for human rights.

Once we’re on the subject, kindly clarify your plans with regards to “vaccination passports.” Do you foresee – at any time in the future – only allowing fully-vaccinated customers into your stores?

Please spell out your position with regards to your store policies looking forward.

If Trader Joe's will possibly become a “vaccinated-only” store in the future, all your customers deserve to know about it now. Full disclosure and honesty are always the best policy.

I have no interest in shopping at a store that is planning to ban me from entry at some point in the future. My coreligionists (and some other 'genetically-inferior' minorities) already experienced that in Germany of the 1930s and it didn’t turn out very well for them. If Trader Joe's would consider adopting a discriminatory policy that bans people who simply declined a medical procedure, this is a serious matter that the public deserves to know about NOW.

We deserve to know whether Trader Joe's stands for cherished American values such as freedom, individual liberties, tolerance, and informed consent, or whether it will cast its lot with authoritarianism, intolerance, and medical Marxism.

Please respond as soon as possible. Time is of essence. My next move – as well as my next shopping trip – is pending your kind response.

Thank you.


Rabbi Michoel Green
Westborough, Massachusetts


Anonymous said...

Can you please send this to Bibi and our MoH in Israel?

They are treating Israeli's far worse than Trader Joe's ever could,
but I guess it is easier to speak Truth to power if it is a chain store
than an actual government that is busy committing the biggest crimes against
humanity in our history.

If you going to take up the fight (which I hope you will) then you have to kill
the head of the snake. Trader Joe, is not even close to the head.

Where is your outrage at Dr Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Shwab, WHO, Pfizer, Moderna, etc, the list of real enemies is long and endless, but you choose to pick on a grocery store.

We need the army of Hashem to step up, not side step.

Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.

Karen Pichel said...

I am waiting with bated breath to know how they respond. A great letter,Rabbi!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rabbi Green,

Thank you for taking a stand. It is always good when an outraged consumer calls a store to complain if some egregious event has prompted it. Normally, the store will attempt to placate this outraged customer and consider rectifying things in order not to lose future business.

In the good old days, pressuring through the pocket book is how the consumer could seek redress, and regain control. But that may not work as well in the new normal. When the consumer has become the consumable, the old battle logic does not apply. The lie of the land has changed.

It may have worked well enough in the old normal, but not so much in the new normal.

Anonymous from Israel, in the first comment, makes a valid point: " have to kill the head of the snake". If one watches a mongoose or a wildcat killing a poisonous snake, this is exactly how they do it.

But how would we humans do that?

What is going on in the head of the snake? It needs a camouflage in order to pounce.

Wokeness is the camouflage/cloak of "decency" under which the rollout of Mengelian assaults, and most other aspects of Agenda 21 is being delivered.

Since Israel is the petri dish where the general Mengelian initiative is being tested, Anonymous's point is rather important. Even more so as Bill Gates's "impossible meats" are being rapidly and enthusiastically rolled out by Israeli start ups whose connections with vaccine companies and surveillance app companies is clear as day. How long before we see these kinds of tainted "pseudo-foods" at Trader
Joe stores?

There is a saying: "First we were citizens, then we became consumers, and finally we became consomme."

What began with Facebook's core policy of feeding off its subscribers like a giant vampire squid is now morphing into food production and delivery, with genetically modified, indestructible tracking microbes sprayed directly on to our edibles.

This food-fascism interdigitates into the mandatory vaccine policies.

Let's all push harder and muster all the strength we can collectively generate. Only by lining up together do we stand a chance of victory in this protracted fight.

Food is a privileged theater of war in this sense because it is of primary interest to all living beings.

PS I never heard back from you when I emailed you previously. Shakri.

Rabbi Michoel Green said...

Thank you Shakri. Please email me again. I have been a bit backed up and searched now for "Shakri" but nothing came up. Maybe it went to spam.

Susie said...

Thank you for your well written letter, Rabbi Green. It is critically important that we, the consumers, stop supporting any businesses that justify and implement discriminatory policies. I stand with you and every other free American demanding that these businesses make their policies known now so that we can make an informed decision as to where we spend our hard earned money.

In solidarity,

WA State

Anonymous said...

I also support your letter and position, Rabbi Green. I think we all know the answer, we don't have to wait for their reply. Their corporate policy is fascist from the early days of Covid "pandemic". They (all their stores) throw customers out who do not agree to cover their entire face with masks. They don't care any more about customer service, about keeping the customers, respecting them. We have to stand together against this Covid tyrany and boycott stores like Trader Joe's. Our freedom is in our hands. It is enough that small groups of dedicated people decide not to follow these unlawful orders, stop wearing masks and comply and all this will fall apart.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Green,

If you search your recent incoming email for "SHAKRI 2nd attempt" you should find my earlier correspondence. Please confirm receipt of email, and/or suggest another address to use instead of gmail.