Tuesday, October 13, 2020

War on Humanity

In case you haven't noticed it, you are under attack.

Your humanity is under attack...by so-called Covid policy.

This cannot be overstated. It's NOT hyperbole.

Let's consider what's at stake:

  • Your bodily health has been deemed "non-essential." Health food stores were shut down. Your local access to zinc, quercetin, vitamins D & C, etc, was blocked.
  • Your spiritual health was deemed "non-essential." Houses of worship closed. Communal worship, Torah study, and religious gatherings banned.
  • Your emotional and mental health were deemed "non-essential." That's why you were forced into solitude and loneliness.
  • Your relationship with your elderly parent was declared "non-essential."
  • Elderly and vulnerable people were declared "non-essential." Shut off from society.
  • Individual patient's rights are deemed "non-essential." That's why patients were routinely left to die by hospital neglect and abuse, and visitation was strictly banned.
  • Education of children was pronounced "non-essential" and schools are routinely shut down on a whim. Never mind the fact that child pose no statistical risk to anyone.
  • Your individuality has been declared "non-essential." Mask policy has reduced you to a faceless droid.
  • Your freedom, bodily autonomy, and personal liberties have all been deemed "non-essential." Your free movement has been restricted. 
  • Your right to unobstructed breathing has been declared "non-essential."
  • Your chances of recovering from Covid was deemed "non-essential." Hence hydroxychloroquine was banned.  
  • Your access to dissenting medical opinion has been deemed "non-essential." Medical doctors who promote HCQ are censored. 
  • The First Amendment has been deemed "non-essential." Your rights to free speech, religious freedom, and right to assemble, have all been violated. 
  • Your financial independence and economic well-being were deemed "non-essential." Small businesses forced to close. Millions compelled into economic dependency on the state.
  • Your right to choose has been determined to be non-essential. Enforcement of an untested modified-RNA vaccines is now essential. Your informed consent is not.

In contrast, what is still considered "essential?"
  • Rioting
  • Looting
  • Violent Marxist demonstrations
  • One particular genre of "peaceful protest"
  • Alcohol
  • Movie theaters
  • Multinational corporations
  • Government

Do you see the picture that emerges?

Your humanity has been declared non-essential.

YOU have been declared non-essential.

The only thing that matters now is the "herd," and what is supposedly good for "public health."

"Public health" requires public compliance. Individual rights are a "public health risk."

Your individual face is a public health risk. Your breath is dirty and toxic.
Your face is toxic.
Your thinking is toxic.

If you dare to think independently, you are a "public health risk."

But who is this amorphous "public?"

It's not you or me, or any other actual human being. As mentioned above, humanity has been declared "non-essential."

So who is this mysterious "public?"...

Simple. It's the state.

And supposed pandemics are great for the "health" of the state.

Tyrants thrive on pandemics and "public health policy."

Tyranny is the "new world order" and you are its subject.

Welcome to dystopia.

Good luck.

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elka said...

We have merited to live in the time of revelation - the time when the knowledge of God is revealed. Hence, what we are witnessing now is a revelation (on the global scale), which unfolds the consequences of our choices.

In the early '90 the Lubavitcher has directed us to "consent, desire and proclaim" the reality of Moshiach and Redemption. He has said, "It should be announced and publicized in all places - with heartfelt words - that G-d says through His servants, the prophets, to each and every Jew: "Behold I am placing before you today a blessing," so much so, that literally today we will see with eyes of flesh the blessing of the true and complete Redemption."Rosh Chodesh Elul, 5751... Furthermore, "It should be noted once again (as I have said many times) that the Rabbis must publicize the legal decree that "all the appointed times have passed." In regard to teshuva, teshuvah has already been done and all aspects of Divine service have already been completed. All that remains now is the true and complete Redemption in actual reality."6 Cheshvan 5752

Almost 30 years later the crown of Malchus is still waiting for acceptance from the people. Instead, the world is choosing to focus on corona (crown) in the form of a virus or as a measure to control.

When you are listing all the different way that humanity has been attacked, it's important to acknowledge the 'attack' comes from within. Every day, when a Jew says Modeh Ani, he/she reminds him/herself that God has faith in him/her to step up to our responsibilities as individuals, to speak the truth, to connect with Him and each other. The current lockdowns, distancing, mouth coverings, restrictions to religious practices, etc... all reflect what we have consented (to), desired and proclaimed. Instead of Redemption, we cried victimhood; instead of speaking the truth, that all (collective) teshuvah has been completed, we were (many still are) fasting; instead of announcing the Rebbe's Malchus, we were (again many still are) bringing Moshiach.

We are currently facing ourselves.

Luckily, He still has faith in us. He continues to give us opportunities to step up and speak the truth and to live accordingly.

Peace and blessings,

Elka Leibovitch