Sunday, November 1, 2020

Déjà vu?

Covid policies in 2020 are eerily reminiscent of the German government's measures to subjugate people in the 1930's.

The comparison is a valid one.

Both involve trampling individual human rights in the name of an alleged "public health" risk.

Both demand compliance "for your own security" and "for the greater good."

Both involve tyranny, medical or otherwise.
Both reduced human beings into faceless numbers whose individual rights no longer matter.
Both involve medical personnel walking in lockstep with government.
Both involve mass indoctrination at every level of society, starting with schools and children's books.

Both stigmatize and marginalize those who don't comply.
Both were made possible only through mass media.
Both require censorship and/or burning books.
Both silence all dissent.
Both consider free speech to be dangerous and not conducive to the "greater good."
Both have identified religion in general (and one religion in particular) to be non-essential and even hazardous to the "greater good."
Both entail lockdowns and forcing healthy people into their homes or ghettos.
Both require scapegoats upon which to blame all their failures.
Both entail using unsuspecting and non-consenting humans as the subjects of scientific experiments.
Both are based on pseudo-science and eugenics.
Both insist on absolute conformity and worldwide submission to the power of their Führer.

Both started with nursing home genocide.
Both promise a "new world order."
Both involved ignorant masses who stood by obliviously to crimes being committed by their governments.
Both entail a tiny minority cautioning of the impending doom, and in both cases the clueless majority rejects these warnings as eccentric and exaggerated.
In the first instance, victims remained in total denial until it was too late to act.
Praying that this pattern does not repeat in our present case, but it's looking bleaker and bleaker every passing day.
Time to wake up yet?

Act now, so that "trouble may not rise twice." Nachum 1:9
לא תקום פעמיים צרה


Anonymous said...

At the hearing you were at, you were too apologetic to the fellow who tried telling you his Rabbi was not against vaccines. You should have said, ,"I thought it was clear that I was referring to the authentic professors of Talmudic learning".

Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith said...

And both rely on Jewish activists to convince the Jewish population that there is no danger in following the control measures.

Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith said...

Also I suggest that not only do “Both require scapegoats upon which to blame all their failures.“ but they use the scapegoats to work up a frenzy of danger and fear and clamor for totalitarian action against the scapegoats. Of course, that totalitarian power then comes back to crush everyone else.

Rabbi Michoel Green said...

Thank you Rabbi Smith. I'll try to add those excellent points later

Rabbi Michoel Green said...

Great point, Anonymous.
His objection caught me by surprise, and while driving home from CT I thought of numerous better replies that I could have made, including your own suggestion. Hindsight is 2020... in 2020 ;)

Shawn Margaret Cohen said...

Excellent post, Rabbi, very spot on too! I agree wholeheartedly we are all being led to our slaughter. Thank you G-d that someone sees the truth! I am always on my FB page and social media about the Truth of all of this malarkey. Go deeper, look up Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, Bill Gates and his evil vaccine agenda which he lies and says its for the "good" of all,really? Ever look and see what is actually in a vaccine?? Everyone thinks the Polio vax was a miracle, they tend to overlook all the hygien and healthier eating which came in to boost the natural immune system. Covid may be man made but so was AIDS and no one is wearing a mask to protect them from AIDS! I was a Nurse, Rabbi, a fine Nurse too, who loved her patients in 1982-3 in a beautiful Los Angeles Hospital but I left it behind when I saw THEN what was in vaccines, and the evil of Big Pharma. Imagine now how bad it is, he want to microchip the world through his heinous vaccines, and guess what? Then he can control your every move, flood your body with bad chemicals, make you his zombie robot. Laughing? You won't laugh if you watch DelBigTree and the High Wire on FB or The Children's Health Defense on You Tube with Bobby Kennedy Jr....a lawyer proving over and over again we are being decieved and our children are being made blind, deaf and dumbed down by vaccines! New World Order sees us all as their slaves or to kill us all off. Rothchilds too involved as well as so many "Leaders" in Govt. Nazi Germany is here and they are ALL doing their part. DO the research like the good and wise Rabbi. #wakeup and no covid vaccine will save you, it will probably kill you off slowly though if not immediately! Hashem, please save us now from this horrible evil! Thank you, Rabbi Green. Ms. Shawn Margaret Cohen

chaimyv said...

He pointed instead to political realities, to the incredible difficulties in maintaining one's faith under a totalitarian regime.
Was it his opinion, then, that the tragedy was not a unique visitation upon the Jewish people, and that it could happen again?
"Morgen in der fruh," he replied unhesitatingly. "Tomorrow morning."
…He insisted upon the Germans' obedience to authority and their unquestioning carrying out of orders — even the most bestial — as a cultural-historical phenomenon that was the product of many generations of deliberate inculcation.
"You could not conscientiously recommend revolution for your unhappy workers in a free country, or see it as a practical perspective for their leaders. Then how could one demand it from those who were being crushed and destroyed by the Nazis?"

the above is from the article about the Rebbe from Harvey Swados, you may want to add it to your article