Monday, November 30, 2020

Marxism and Mandatory Vaccination

Mandatory vaccination is just another iteration of authoritarian Marxism.

Everyone must conform, we are told. No one gets a free pass.

Everyone must submit to this compulsory medical procedure, even though certain individuals will be unavoidably harmed and killed by the vaccine.

Kill the individual for the good of the commune. Sacrifice individual rights for the collective benefit.

You don't own your own health. The public does. Or more accurately, the state does.

The state doles it out to you. Your health will be whatever the CDC and FDA deem it to be.

The playing field must be flattened in the name of social justice. You have no right to be healthier, wealthier, or happier than anyone else.

Just like they shut down your business and reduced you to dependency because of "covid," the state feels likewise entitled to shut down your access to unbiased information, force you to yield all medical choices to them, and condemn you to lifelong dependency on their pharmaceutical products.

That's why covid policy was introduced under the guise of our supposed communal duty towards the immunocompromised. Do you understand now? It was all about reducing the entire society to one standard of compromised vulnerability. If the immunocompromised must stay home and/or wear a mask, then EVERYONE must do so. We must all become compromised.

And you MUST be vaccinated.

It doesn't matter that a vaccine might compromise your immune system. In fact, that's the whole idea.

Compromise your individual health for the alleged sake of the public.

Worried about vaccine injury? That's just too bad. No one gets a free pass.

"Public health" eclipses individual health.

Alleged public benefit overrides individual bodily autonomy.

Informed consent and the Nuremburg Code no longer matter. The individual has no right to opt out.

Whoever tries is marginalized and lambasted as "selfish."

Such recalcitrant individuals are "recklessly putting the entire community at risk," and consequently deserve to be banned from school, public transportation, and any business whose owner wishes to enforce the "public health policy" for the alleged good of society.

That's why reality of vaccine risks must be suppressed, and the overwhelming number of vaccine injuries must be ignored and denied at all cost. Censorship is supposedly in order, since it's for the "good of the public."

Under contemporary medical-Marxism, vaccines must be enforced by the state. There can be no free choice, nor can there be any free access to truth. Herd immunity requires herd thinking.

Consequently, government, media, academia, and medical establishment must collude to promote only ONE narrative. News articles, studies, medical policy, all merge to form a single homogenous front.

Media functions as Pravda-style propaganda.

There's no other option. It's for the alleged benefit of "public health."

Same thing with masks, lockdowns, and imposed isolation.

Never mind the fact that seniors will die from loneliness, millions will be reduced to poverty and mental illness, children worldwide will die of starvation, and some individuals will invariably suffer with hypoxia, headaches, fatigue, or breathing difficulties... all as a direct consequence of this policy.

It's all par for the course. The policy must be enforced at all costs, since it's for alleged public "good."

It doesn't even matter that the benefit or necessity of any of these precautionary measures cannot be proven scientifically. It makes no difference that the test has no scientific basis.

If the public health ideologues so decreed it, it must be enforced. Compliance and uniformity is key for the public's alleged well-being.

Don't think too much, we are told. Just comply.

Do it for the sake of the "public." It's your "communal duty."

Your own health and life must be secondary.

This doctrine lies at the essence of Marxism.

The United States of America is built on the exact opposite paradigm, and so is Judaism.

In Biblical law, the individual's rights are sacrosanct. We may NOT sacrifice an individual for the sake of the public. [1]

The individual is in charge of his/her own health and destiny. Each individual is endowed with the inviolable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Bodily autonomy is untouchable. No one may force you to compromise your own health for the sake of anyone else, not even the alleged sake of "public health."

Our founding fathers understood this well. That's why the Bill of Rights exists, to prevent government from tampering with our G-d-given rights.

These rights are off-limits.

The entire rationale of mandatory vaccination is inherently flawed and utterly unconstitutional.

In abstract ideology, Marxism is a utopian myth. In practice, it can only exist in the form of authoritarian despotism.

Vaccination might be a wonderful idea, but it MUST remain voluntary and with informed consent. There must be complete transparency and accountability on part of vaccine manufacturers. Government may NOT police anyone's medical choices. That is an anathema in a free society.

A new vaccine is coming out soon, and states will try to mandate it unjustly.

You are being given a choice. Comply or refuse. Fight to uphold the Bill of Rights or submit to Marxism.

What will you choose? Liberty or tyranny?

Choose wisely.

The future of our nation literally hangs in the balance.

Your own personal wellbeing hangs in the balance as well.

And your health matters. Your right to choose matters.

And so does mine.


[1] In Judaic law, the individual has infinite value, and may NOT be sacrificed for the sake of the community.
Our sages taught:
If gentiles will demand one of a group of women, saying: "Yield us one of among you and we will defile her, if not we will defile you all", let all be defiled, rather than surrender to them one soul in Israel. [Mishna, Terumos 8:12]. Likewise, if gentiles will say to a group of men: "Yield us one of you and we will kill him, if not we will kill you all", let all of them be killed rather than surrender to them one soul in Israel. If, however, they single out the one, saying: "Give us that man, if not we will kill you all", if he be guilty of a capital crime, as, for example, Sheba son of Bichri [Samuel II 20:1], they may surrender him to them, but it is not commendable to advise them to do so; if he be not guilty of a capital crime, they all must submit rather than surrender them one soul in Israel.
Mishneh Torah, Yesodei Hatorah 5:5


Carl Stevenson said...

There is a dark and dangerous wasteland between liberty and slavery, where the slippery slope inclines steeply towards slavery.
Liberty must be jealously guarded with great vigilance, because there are always tyrant wannabes who think themselves entitled to rule over those they view as “their inferiors.”
Of course, they invariably market their agenda as “for the good of mankind”, but, in reality, their true motivations are always the wealth and privilege that are the trappings of raw, sociopathic power over others.

Carl Stevenson said...

Forced/coerced medical procedures are a violation of international law and a crime against humanity.
Nazis hanged for this after Nuremberg.
Mandatory vaccination violates the medical ethic of informed consent, the Nuremberg Code, and the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights.